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Hi all,

Has anyone found a use for those green plastic boxes that mail order plants come in? I've got lots of 'em that look useful so I can't bear to throw them away, but what can I do with them? Any recycling tips, please?


I used to collect them too but couldn't think of a use, so put them all in the recycling bin.

Same here, couldnt find anything to use them so sadly they went in the bin. Perhaps we should suggest to the compenies to try and make them re-usable in some way.

Bunny ...
What do they look like ? Picture?

Sorry dont have the techno brain power to take a picture and get it on here,


Yes, Busy-Lizzie, that's the stuff.

The only plastic I can recycle locally is drink bottles, so these have to go in the waste bin. They do use the waste for burning for heat, but it's still a waste of resources.


I live in France and we recycle loads. Any sort of bubble wrap plastic, yoghurt pots, tins, paper etc and the beauty is that in this area you put the whole lot in a yellow bin bag without having to sort it.

I've used them for starting off lavender cuttings, can't really think of any other uses though.

You can save a few and cut them individually to send out  plants/cuttings on the 'seed swap' thread.

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