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ive covered my soil with black plastic over the winter until spring when i start sowing should i perforate the plastic to let the air and rain in or not?


No-that rather defeats the object-unless you are going to plant though it???

and when you actually come to remove it you will find all sorts of nasties hiding underneath.

The ground doesn't really need to be covered for the whole winter as the weather will break up any large clods of soil for you. Black plastic is normally used for a couple of weeks prior to planting to ensure the soil is warm enough to plant out, although it's still a bit early for that yet.

I often leave permeable green woven anti-weed fabric over my veg garden in winter. It lets the rain through, the soil can breathe and it keeps it free from weeds. Black plastic isn't the same. It'll keep the rain out and the slugs in. As Leggi says, just use it to warm the soil before planting.

thank-you for your advice .ive now covered my beds with anti-weed fabric like busy-lizzie has and i will put the plastic cover back a few weeks before planting to warm the soil up. thanks again all the best christine

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