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Privet as mentioned by Verdun above is very forgiving; some neighbours chopped theirs down to 3' high sticks and a year later it was 6' tall and flourishing.


You can leave that for ten years and it will look the same!

i have thick privet hedge, put in in 2012, I kept picking out the tops and have just given it it's first real cut with shears, it was 6ft, now down to 3 but next Spring it will be 6ft again. 

I also planted a laurel hedge, same as privet, grows nice and thick if you keep the tops pinched out. Both evergreen and low maintenance, if you have anything that flowers you will need to sweep up the petals, or dead head.  

I can show you photos if you like.

Can I just ask Ian what 'gardener' cut this for you?  I would have thought it was common knowledge that any gardener worth his salt would know that conifer is not going to grow back from old wood.  Also even though you were within your rights to cut back the bit on your property which was encroaching, I would have thought that out of courtesy you would have let your neighbour know before you took action which could have prevented this.  I'm just speaking from the perspective of someone whose mixed hedge was cut last year in June by my neighbours gardener without asking and he took down all the height which I'd been leaving for some privacy.  Her gardener's idea of gardening is to cut every shrub into a sphere and cut things at the wrong time of year, very annoying.  Like others have said I would beg your neighbour to let you rip it out and replace it with something that suits both your needs better.  I would also offer to pay for the whole thing, hopefully they'll offer to pay for half! 

My neighbour cut his side of our leylandi hedge right back to main trunk. It has now grown through from the other side and we have got a neat thin hedge.I have now done the same to hedge on the other side of the garden, and after 2 years that is now growing through.

So there is hope

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