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My neighbours have this delightful plant; would love to know what the plant is, in the jungle of a garden, and despite numerous discussions and polite conversations they refuse to do anything about it.

It grows at an alarming rate and despite pulling a lot of it down when I had my new fence about 2 months ago it's grown rampant again, and i'm really worried it's going to push down my new fence, like it did with the old one.

So now to my question how do I destroy it for good? They really aren't bothered with keeping ontop of the problem and i've got to the point where I just want it gone

Any advice would be very very much appreciated.


If its on their side, there is nothing you can do. If it knocks a fence over, it's not a good fence to start with. If it pushes the new fence over, give them the bill for repair.

If its creeping under the fence on to your side, spray anything on your side with glyphosate.

It's a solid fence, but all fences have their breaking point eventually, and as for presenting them with the bill I doubt that would go down well, nice idea if only it was enforceable.


Is there really nothing I can do, apart from the getting rid of bits that try to get through?

Looks like Virginia Creeper, can be rampant if left untamed. Glyphosate sprayed on will kill it. Spray on a hot day, hopefully at least a day or two before any rain, then a week later do it again. It will take about a month to die back properly, any regrowth should be sprayed again. Not that I am advocating that you do such a thing, as doing so is technically Criminal Damage, however if it was yours and you wanted to kill it, that would be the best method.

I'd certainly want rid if were growing in my garden, Any roots in your garden you could try using glyphosate weed killer,roots in their garden you would have to leave to them I think.I am not sure what it is but wondered if it could be a Russizn Vine. 

I  am sure others will be more savvy! good luck with  clearing it


Victoria Sponge

A friend of mine told me only this week his next door neighbour called the police on him for chopping down their ivy when trying to mend his boundary.

I'd ask if they want the plant and if not offer to go around and destroy it.

Please take a pic of some more of their garden though - it looks amazing

I'd gladly go round and get rid of it roots and all if they'd let me, but i'll recommend glyphosate and ask if they want me to buy some.

I don't mind what they grow in their garden (cough jungle, do you like their tyres) however when it impedes on my garden I start to get annoyed.

Thank you all for the recommendations, although i'd still love a definite answer on what plant it is.

Just checked the two plants you have suggested

I think virginia creeper is a no as it doesn't change colour, and it does look a lot like the russian vine but it's never flowered so i'm not 100%

Woodgreen wonderboy

Are you aware that glysophate will kill the whole plant, on their side as well as yours. The only alternative is constant hacking back on your side.

No I wasn't aware of that, I thought it would have to be applied to the roots which are on their side. Thank you

Woodgreen wonderboy

No, it is absorbed through the leaves and taken down to the roots, systemically killing the whole plant. It kills everything green it touches. 

Sounds amazing, I can't wait to get rid of it for good


They own the house, would have been a great plan if rented though. Although i'm sure the landlord would have done something long ago if that was the case, as the garden is awful


Woodgreen wonderboy

Have you spoken to Citizen's Advice... a long shot but they may have a cunning plan......

Might have to if glysophate doesn't work, anything to get rid of it.


Woodgreen wonderboy

They would know the legal position or whether the council are worth approaching. 

I had a similar fence to yours, slotted into concrete keepers. My neighbour had Ivy down his side and let it run rampant, ( and other shrubs). Once the vines grew through it, it was damaging to the fence to pull it out.

My solution was to replace all the panels with concrete sections which slotted straight in the keepers.

Very few growths get through now, and I can jump up and down on them when tugging them out!

An expensive option, but I funded it in two parts over a couple of years. It completely resolved the problem.

If you can't afford this method then you'll have to resort to weedkiller; I'm not saying that you should creep down the garden with your watering can, but if you do, then try to make sure they're out, at night - and put plenty on !!

Best of luck.

I'll let you all know how I get on, fingers crossed it works.


And thank you Greg, your post made me laugh so much.

One question: Who paid for the new fence? You? Or did you go half with the neighbours? If the fence belongs to you, then you have every right to control what grows on it! Your neighbours , if they did not offer to go half, have no rights at all wrt the fence boundary. If you ask the council to enter the debate, they will do so but it will cost you £300 ( North Tyneside council charge this for such neighbour disputes).

I would write to the neighbours concerned , stating that since you own the fence ie you paid for it, ( I assume they did not offer to go half), and that they do not intend to do anything about the weeds growing through it, you intend to take appropriate action. 

They will soon contact you if they are bothered. If you do not get a reply within a week, apply Deep Rooter Round Up spray, to the plant on your side and leave for a week. - that should do the trick.

If they come back and complain to the council, they council will ask them for the £300 to proceed before they prosecute.. - they won't pay that.