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Problem solving

Please help me identify this really invasive plant!! And how the spread

Just started popping up a week ago, they're perennial and take over!

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Can you post it directly to here?


Yes you can. There is a box with a tree above the comment box. Click on that and upload your picture.


 Sorry for delay, any help is greatly appreciated



I got it in a house I bought last year, coming up in my lawn and drive. I used a total weedkiller on the drive - forget the name but it does what sodium chlorate did before it was banned - stop anything growing for 6 months. On the lawn I wore a rubber glove and wetted my fingers with glyphosate, shaking off any excess, and then bruising the horsetail. I had to dfo this every week for months as new shoots appeared. It seems to have gone.


My mum has been digging this out since 1956 when they moved in to their house. You can't get the roots out, they'll come through tarmac, and because of the waxy coating  weedkillers just roll off.    Good Luck.


It's older than the dinosaurs and it's as big a thug as you're likely to find unfortunately. If you type horsetail in to the search box you'll find loads of information on how to deal with it from previous threads. Good luck!

Dammit, thanks all!  Kind of figured it was a nasty one, still now I know it's a toughy, let the systematic battle begihis. Was just hoping it had a big weakness!  I may never eradicate but as long as Uighur can keep it at bay I'm happy.  

one more question thoughdrive planted shrubs in the border,  when they're fully established will this weed be shaded out or not??


No it won't. It has tremendously long roots so the only way is weedkiller. At the RHS garden I saw on TV, think it was Harlow Carr, maybe Hyde Hall, they used glyphosate.


If you've got this growing through a nice plant, cover the plant with something waterproof, leaving the weed exposed and then use the glyphosate.  If the weed is small, my trick is to put the weed through the neck of an old lemonade bottle (bottom removed) so that it's in what resembles a funnel.  Apply the weedkiller and leave until the leaves are dry.  Hopefully it should then fade until the next time you need to get the chemicals out.


You really need to bruise the stems or the glyphosate won't be absorbed.


just a suggestion.

Go to your local vet / doctor, hopefully you have a good relationship. Ask for a syringe and a needle. if you get one your in business. fill syringe with roundup inject the little dears and watch it die.

Not an orthodox method but worth a try?? it gets you past the waxy leaves. time consuming yes. Will it work? It should do.

Please be very careful with the needle.

There are gardening alternatives to the needle bus as the stem is not over thick?


Kurtail is one weedkiller to use, £40 a bottle. Good luck, i have it also.

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