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<span>I have had a plum tree in my old garden where i used to live and upon moving to a new home i took it with me and had it in a large planter it did well last year producing a small crop so i waited until the autumn until all the leaves had dropped and put into the ground.

<span>But this year Ive been watching its progress and its only put out really small leaves is this normal and should i pull all the blossom off and let it just put its energy into producing leafs

Lion S

Two possibilities spring to my mind. One is that it needs to grow new roots in order to establish itself again, which means that that will take up most of its energy. Therefore the leaves are small but it's enough for photosynthesis. It's a good idea to remove the blossom 'cause then there is no energy "wasted".

Two; You may have re-planted it too deep and therefore the roots don't get enough oxygen. If that's the case you can take some of the soil off the roots now and I would advise you to re-plant after the leaves have fallen in late Autumn.

A picture could make the trees situation much clearer. 


I took your advice on taking some of the soil off the tree at the bottom and from some other advice from a fellow grower mixed a good gradiant compost into the soil with some fish blood and bone feed and now the tree is pushing out large leaves and the little ones have fallen so by next year i should have quite a good crop of juicy victoria plums thanx

I have just noticed a red/brown wet looking pustule at the base of my small plum tree can you help, what can it be?

THANK YOU        June.

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