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no sign of growth on my newly planted plum tree yet (end of last year) and some branches are coated with green.  Is there a problem or is it just too early?


Hi Ina, it's still a bit early for many varieties of plum, particularly the late cropping ones.  Hopefully you have small buds visible?  What variety is it?


The green is probably moss or lichen, shows you have little air pollution. No sign of buds on ours either.


Patience  Every day this week I've gone out to my new pear tree and gooseberry bushes planted early last winter, and I've looked for swelling buds - today I think I noticed a difference - but it might have been wishful thinking 


Our plum buds are just starting to break - but only started this week.  I also found they were slower to get going the first year they were planted - but maybe because I was anxiously checking them every time I walked out the door .  In the second year you get much more relaxed !


I have a plum tree, bought last year. There is an abundance of leaves and we saw one or two blossoms a little while ago. There is no sign of any fruit, and the leaves look as though they are starting to curl up. Any suggestion on what I can do to improve matters.


awww man, im fed up with my fruit trees, including plum. my plum tree was doing great then i noticed some fruits and leaves drying up so i snipped the branch off, i have now noticed it happening lower down. i have been watering every day as they are in pots and dry very easily, could i have given them too much blood fish and bone, at theend of my tether here.


Hi wilbur - can you post some pics of your fruit trees - some showing the whole tree and some with close ups of fruit and leaves - click on the picture of the tree on the toolbar above where you type the message and follow the instructions 

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