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Can anyone help me with a small problem i seem to have with my Polemonium 'Jacobs Ladder' Heaven Scent... I planted it back at the beginning of spring and it flowered beautifully until about 2 weeks ago (mid June) It has not only started to wither and die back but is covered in a chalky white substance. Is this normal? I figured it may just be the natural way that it dies back after flowering but im concerned as i cant seem to find any information on this. Every inch of the plant is covered in this chalk and if its not something that should be happening then of course i don't want it spreading to my other plants. Any advice???

Many Thanks 


Sounds like Mildew which can kill plants. Water with a good fungicicde or make one from 9 parts water to 1 part full cream milk.


I'd cut it back to start again, you might even get another crop of flowers

Berghill - i think you might be right. Thank you for the advice on how to make my own Fungicide - very good to know. The plant is completely covered and withering so i believe it is beyond saving for now. I may have to do as Nutcutlet suggests and cut it back. I can only hope it hasn't spread and that the plant will come back next year.


i hven't found them particularly long lived on my soil and always hope thy'll get to seeding and replace themselves before I have to cut them.



Survives well in our ground too. Never had mildew on it to that extent though. Usually a sign of lack of water at the roots. This is sometime a problem with plants in  professional compost. The soil all round the plant may be wet, but the plant roots are stuck in dry compost. Cut it back, give it a good soaking through the plant not on the soil and a feed of something to encourage it to produce new shoots.

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