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Our oxygenating weed is dying - well its dead actually, all the fish are fine and the other plants marsh marigolds water hawthorn are fine, put some more weed in at the weekend and its gone anyone any ideas why please the pond is approx. 19ft x 12ft we have goldfish koi and orfs. Thanks 

Victoria Sponge

Hi Cornishpixi,

Is it dying or has the weed just gone?

If it is disappearing it might be that the carp are eating it?

Its disappearing never had them eat it before but we put in 2 new carp 1 is a grass carp and 2 orfs.


Grass carp eat pond plants - that's your culprit! 

Thanks for that - think chips might be a good idea!


Victoria Sponge
My mother used to have carp that would pull plants right off the shelves they were sat on to dislodge them from the pot. These were just ornamental carp. They are quite fond of vegetation I understand...
Our fish are eating the oxygenating plants like I never feed them. Must be tastier than it looks!

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