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Our old apple tree has a poor crop this year and the leaves are blotchy.Usually  we have a huge crop and this year the blossom in the spring was enormous. But there has been no "June drop" and there is very little fruit on the tree.The leaves are blotchy with cream and black markings and some leaves are starting to curl.up.  

 Any advice welcome!


For me, it was the opposite until a few days back: I was surprised by the good crop on 3 of my young apple trees (2-5 years old), but after the downpours of the recent ...weeks, each morning now I see many apples on the ground next to 2 of them (Cox and Braeburn, Russet is fine so far). I guess it may be that the unusual cold weather may have delayed the June drop and the rain now is adding to it, ...but I am still worried. At least, the pollinators are very active in my garden, no problem on that side!

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