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Very few of my geraniums (rozanne,  Patricia, Johnson blue  came through this year)

Might be my local climate (south herts) or maybe I'm missing something?

My soil is well drained chalky loam.

Previous 3 years have been a good display since I started growing them 

Welcome any tips 

Mike Allen

Cut then back, addd a light sprinkling of compost, keep moist and new growth should soon appear.  As with most hardy geraniums, cranesbills. The tend to spread out, this is good for filling an empty space, but you want flowers.  Keep the clump tight and restricted.  As with most perennials, keep the roots alive and the top growth will come.

Silverlight, I think they dried out at the roots.

agree with hortico...cut back and water well. I would tickle in a mixture of ordinary mpc and pelleted chcken manure.

to rub salt into your wounds Silverlight mine have been superb......some just cut back and will flower again in 3 weeks or so.  No reason why yours don't do the same 

I think it may be the water issue, too because mine have been good. I have chalky clay and I add blood fish and bone in spring and mulch once or twice a year. They grow like weeds and have to be reduced regularly. After flowering, I cut them right down, feed and water and off they go again.

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