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I planted a buddlea buzz in a container last year. I pruned it inAutumn and again in spring and it looked really healthy until this last week when it has started to develop wilting yellow leaves and doesn't seem to be improving after watering. Any ideas what is causing it please? 

Lack of nutrients? Im sure more opinions to come

Mine has gone the same way.   I originally planted it into a container in 2012.    It is getting enough water, and is in a sunny position.   Any ideas would be welcomed.

If you havent changed the compost or fed often, it will be starving

I haven't changed compost since planted last year so will do that tomorrow. I haven't been feeding it either as I thought I only needed to do that when it starts to flower. What best to feed with? I have blood fish & bone or chicken pellets & also comfrey tea and how often should I be feeding? Thank you so much for fast response.


Jigsaw jill

Feerilisers like fish blood and bone a d chicken pellets will not do much for your buddleia right now.  Too slow.  Use it in early spring and again in early summer.......that might sound odd but those fertilisers take about 8 to 10 weeks to feed plants.

So, ESP in pots, use phostrogen or tomato food for immediate effect.

Compost only has enough feed in for a few months

Ok job for today . Thank you everyone.


if a buddleja will happily grow from a brick wall or chimney pot, they can't need that much feeding, can they?

The cultivated ones are less tough, i grew one a couple of years ago, not a clue where it is now, but was quite supprised, it needed more care than i expected

I've got those buzz buddlejas, they put on quite a bit of growth for a 'compact' plant, if I feed them they might take over the garden

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