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Orchid Lady

Thank you everyone  No info is duff KEF, it all helps us learn and thanks for the courgette loaf tip 


It's always a combination of things KEF - your advice was sound and removing the flower when it dies is good hygiene and will help prevent them rotting from the tip.

All we can ever do is try and mollycoddle things in ways which suit them best but some plants seem to have an inbuilt 'suicide' gene!


The plants are going to sprawl out about 4ft, its recommended to plant them out at 4 to 5 ft apart, in both directions, have you allowed plenty of room, you always get soggy ones first, they will come but need lots of water.

I grow 4 in an 8 x 8 bed. They are huge.


Take the flowers off when the courgette is half grown. You can stuff the flowers and cook them. I have been told that if you don't remove the flowers they can cause the end to rot.

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