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I have two gloriosa lily tubers planted in a terracotta pot in the greenhouse. They started sprouting nicely but I've noticed that some of the leaves are turning brown very quickly. I had the same problem last year. According to the instructions I received when I bought them, they need to be in as sunny a spot as possible (which they are), and they should only be watered when the compost has dried out completely. However I have read now that they should be kept moist and fed weekly. Can anybody tell me where I'm going wrong please?



Not sure i can help exactly, but i keep mine in a conservatory with a pretty constant temp during the day, and then bit cooler at night - had lovely flowers last years, although this year it is a bit slower growing. i keep the soil just damp and feed every 2 weeks!

Based on the weather we've been having it may be that it's not liking any variations in temp - especially if your greenhouse is not heated!

I hope it picks up as the flowers are lovely!

Oh thank you for that rhonsal. My greenhouse isn't heated, so maybe it could be temperature fluctuations like you say.  It did flower last year, despite having brown messy leaves. I might try bringing it into the conservatory, and see if that makes a difference. Cheers!

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