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I have a hammamelis in a pot, in ericaceous compost.  It has grown and flowered well for the last 3 or 4 years, but now looks very sick.  The leaves are drooping and turning yellow.  I have watered it with sequestered seaweed feed and drenched the leaves, but all to no avail.  I think now it's too late to save it. 

Has anyone any ideas what is wrong?

Did you let it dry out earlier?  Agree with Waterbutts that it might be rootbound.  Can you ....with help....take it out of its pot to look at the roots?  Carefully so as not to disturb the rootball.  If it is congested can ??ou plant it in the garden?  Which variety do you have?  I grow ham Mollis pallida in my garden and my soil is neutral so acid compost is not essential.


I think it might be potbound and dry. I grow some plants in pots for several reasons and especially in the recent good weather I have found that when it has rained I tend not to water them and find that they are bone dry despite the downpour. Thankfully plants are very forgiving and after a good soaking they turn out as good as new. So do as suggested and it will be fine.

It's in a very large pot and I've watered it regularly over the summer.  I could take a look to see if it's pot bound, but I think it's too far gone now.  It's annoying, as these plants aren't cheap.  I think I'll steer clear of ericaceous-loving plants from now on.


If you were watering with tap water that could have had an effect. Trouble with having to water with rain water with plants like these is that water butts don't have a never ending supply of water in dry weather.

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