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Can you help please?I have a young lilac tree which flowered for the first time this year.The tree appears generally in good condition but the leaves on one of the stems have started to go brown around the edges and to curl up.This has happened at the top of the stem and I have removed half a dozen leaves or so up to now and sprayed with a recommended bug killer although there is no visible signs of any pests.I have watered the tree well during the hot weather 


There's no point in spraying unless you know what you're spraying against - and there are very few bugs that will affect syringia (lilac).

There is a blight condition which is spread by a bacterium - it usually affects lilacs that are stressed due to difficult growing conditions (under/over watering - too much nitrogenous fertiliser etc).

But also some lilacs are prone to browning and dropping their leaves early, and we are heading for autumn now (sorry folks )

If I were you, if the browning leaves are just on one shoot, I'd remove and burn it to be on the safe side.  Then I'd make sure that there's a clear area of soil around the base of the shrub, and mulch it well with good garden compost, and then cross my fingers.  It'll probably be fine 

Thanks very much for your help.My conclusion is that its probably starting to shed its leaves.I will treat it as you suggest.

I have a lilac tree I planted last spring, just today I noticed bark missing on the one side. We do have a lot of rabbits and squirrels around, can someone give me suggestions of what to do


Thank you I will do just that

My daughter went on holiday in august of this year and on her return found that her neighbour had pruned her lilac tree back very hard.  She had spoken to my daughter before she went away and asked if it was okay to remove the branches that over hung the fence into her garden and my daughter agreed to that. Problem is the neighbour actually hard pruned the whole tree. My daughter is now concerned that the tree may not recover. Any ideas, it does look very sad. 

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