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Can anyone help? Seem to have problem with one of poppies, the heads have gone rotten, is this a common problem, or just down to weather


 My poppies seem to be fine, advice would be appreciated. Thank you .



Hi Karen, my poppies are okay albeit a bit flattened with the rain. I did have a problem with some tulip heads rotting and I put that down to the weather.

I'm sure someone will know if it is the weather or some pest.


Hi Karen - i have had the same, but only with a few of the buds - others on the same plant have been fine.  Not sure what it is, but thought you might like to know you are in good company

Lulu The Lurcher

Me too oriental poppy couple of flowers soggy and rotted 

Thanks you all for replies, maybe put it down to weather, as my other poppies are fine.  Happy gardening 

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