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I've put up with all sorts in the greenhouse this year, including slugs sneaking in, but I've just upturned a pepper plant that looked a bit poorly and found what I thought was a tiny worm on the outside of the pot at the bottom. On closer inspection it was very smooth and shiny and  had a sort of head that looked flattened at the front. Has anyone any ideas, I'd love to know what it might be.

What colour was it?

No, it was like a tiny worm, but shiny and quite dark. Under the magnifying glass, it had a flattened, featureless head, a bit like the alien in the film, I don't think it had any teeth though, haha

hollie hock

Any chance of photo? Someone on here might recognise it


Whoops, sorry, I disposed of it without thinking, I didn't like the look of the little blighter, a bit of a slippery customer I think

hollie hock

Good thinking, probably for the best

flowering rose

had a thought is it a parasitic worm as in hook worm or thread worm the type that like animals .

Not a new Zealand flatworm?

Hi christopher2, no I've just checked online, although there aren't many photos of them. My worm was very dark, with what looked like a flattened head. I haven't found anymore. Looks like it will remain a mystery, but thanks for your post.

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