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Evening all,

I am about to build raised bed number 3. It's not going to be a large one unfortunately but was wondering if it is worth trying to grow potatoes in it? If so what varieties would you folks recommend.

Thanks in advance


What depth of soil will you have?  How big?


What sort of depth is required. I can probably get away with upto 3' deep. Its not gona be a massive size. Possibly 2x1.5m


A foot deep would be adequate. I would grow earlies or charlottes.

Monty Don, in a recent Gardeners'World programme, recommended  growing potatoes in a raised bed, if possible. He trialled them alongside those grown in the earth as usual and found the raised bed ones easier to grow and just as tasty and successful.  Says it all!


Hi Pump ,this year we grew potatoes in 5 of our large raised beds, all well manured and weed free, raised beds are just so easy to use no matter what you want to grow ,once built and ready they are just so easy to maintain, but you have to watch the moisture levels as raised beds drain and dry quicker, earlies would be just right for a start and Charlottes were the allotments top spud this year ,our Winston were rubbish Kestrel ok, Cara main ok, good luck,, Alan4711

Hi, potatoe folk, I planted a variety of new potatoes in a deep raised flower bed about 12 weeks ago from 2 that had gone to seed in my veg bowl in the kitchen, I just stuck them in the ground and they took off, how will I know when they are ready for picking?

simply ease some soil away and look as timing them is not always right, i did this also with just 3 large red spuds, they were just stunning and got nearly 5 LB a spud, avalooksee

Many thanks everyone,

will get building this weekend and get the compost in.


i have  a great harvest of spuds in raised beds and more to come

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