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I have woken up this morning to find my potting shed vandalised and items stolen - I have phoned my insurers who say only £250 is covered in my garden - I am so upset......all my perennial seedlings sown last week are all over the floor, they have stolen tools,compost,plants,radio and my gardeners world and amateur gardening magazines and worst of all my 'life in a cottage garden' book by Carol Klein - I used to read this when having a break from potting in my shed and was a great way to relax - how can they do this???? I thought burglars wanted tv's, game consoles,cash etc............

   Sadly I have heard this kind of thing from friends too often. One elderly man would have his pedigree chickens pinched from the shed. I gave him a rape alarm that you can get from community police where you can attach the main bit to your shed door frame and the bit you pull out, on a string, to a hook on the door. As long as you remember to rig it up every time you leave, it's a good shed alarm. Every time someone breaks in will then trigger the alarm. It helped the elderly gentleman, who had previously just relied on a padlock.

  Nothing is sacred if it can be sold to someone. I suppose it's up to society as well to refuse to buy " hot gear", and places that buy and sell second hand goods do more thorough checks on the origin of the stock they are buying. The destruction of the rest of the shed's contents was pointless and the insurance companies just rub salt into the wound sometimes. I hope your neighbours help you our rebuilding you retreat and even tracking down, what usually is, the usual suspects.


Thank your local magistrates. This sort of thing thrives in areas where the courts are wooly minded (like my area!) and shoudl the offender get caught, believe any old guff the (paid for by the poor old taxpayers/victims) defendents solicitor tells them - so this sort of thing goes on and on and on sadly. There's no mentality to it I'm afraid and you can't apply logic at all - often they throw half the stuff away anyway. I used to deal with offenders in my work and even they can't give you a reason!

Hi Lucy, I'm so sorry to hear of whats happened, I can only imagine how upset you feel. As for why people do it? I don't know. The only think I would suggest is keeping the shed locked up in the future, not much good after it's happened I know.

My young rabbit whom I loved was stolen out of his home last year and I was heart broken, so I can relate you to you,

Don't let them get you down.  M x


hi lucy3 iam sorry to hear about this and feel so sad for you but as gardenders we tend to lose or gain things in life so chin up and if the insurers wont pay bbuurrr!!!! its so sad and a mested up life now we have to lock our sheds but so be it.Good luck


Really sorry to hear about your break in, unfortunately there are so many mindless thugs around... Every car in my road got there car wing mirrors kicked off last night... 50+ cars! I hope you have lots of lovely friends around you to help... Installing a security camara might be a good idea, at least if it happens again the police can help catch the scumbags

Hi Lucy, I'm so sorry to hear about your break in. It's so sad that people have no respect for others belongings and stuff these days. The allotments near us are always being vandalised and/or broken into. }

Have you thought about an alarm (as others above have mentioned) or a security light pointed at it?

If I were you, I'd go and buy myself some more seeds and set about sowing again, the swines may have taken your possessions, but they can't take away your green fingers and your passion.

I agree with H.R.G, get sowing again

Thankyou so much for all your comments and advice. We have had the shed licked but are going for an alarm today ....... And more seeds so that I can start sowing again this week ...... Fingers crossed they don't come back xxxx

So sorry to hear of your break in. i had a garden bench stolen once, it turned up in next door's garden as a prank!If your shed is on you property, try putting up beware of the dog signs, burgulars rarely break in to property with a dog around as they are too unpredictable!

That's crazy!! Anyway Padlock on and alarm fitted so feel a lot better now - enjoy your weekend xx


So sorry to hear this,wish I could help ,maybe grow some seeds for you or something.We had someone came into our garden a few years ago in the night and kick down all our flower pots. Had to go out and buy all new pots and soil .

Aww thankyou, that's really kind. It is so disturbing knowing they have been in my space but my main worry is are they going to come back. They may have seen all the power tools etc in the other shed and gardening equipment & golf clubs etc.its cost a fortune that I couldn't really afford for Extra locks, alarms etc. I just hope it does the trick. I am so disgusted with the people that can do things like this.i am disabled due to bad back and a little bit of gardening is all I can manage and they have spoilt thus for me.i won't give in though. Thanks again for your kind words. Xx

Hi again everyoneo  - after getting the shed secure and no further break-ins since, look what I have won in a competition in another great magazine (Amateur Gardening :0 ) I subscribe to.......

Oh dear,, sorry the copy of the post wont upload. Basically I have won ..............

<span class="messageBody" data-ft="{"type":3}">So we have a winner of our Sterling competition! Big congratulations to Lesley Hirst! You've won yourself a gardening security set worth £50! Remember, if you weren't lucky this time, we are giving tickets away to <a href="" rel="nofollow nofollow" target="_blank"></a> in this week's comp! Check our Facebook for details on how to enter!

sue taylor3

oh so sorry lucy ,sadly we live in dire times and anything can be sold or taken for scrap .mindless people who have nothing better to do than wreck someones life .

i do hope you get your seeds off to a good start or maybe we can all send you some plants to help you out .sue


Gary Hobson
Lucy3 wrote (see)

... You've won yourself a gardening security set worth £50! ...

I wonder what a £50 Garden Security Set actually comprises.

Homebase offer something called a Garden Security Set, for £26. As far as I can make out, that's a piece of strong wire/cable and a padlock.

Several of my neighbours have had sheds ransacked, mainly by people looking for, and taking, power tools, and bikes.

I've had nighttime intruders in my own garden on 3 occasions during the past few years. I have some garden alarms. They use infra-red detectors. They are not cheap, but they are effective. In my experience, once a burglar knows they have been detected, they're off. I have not had anything stolen. So far. Touch wood.

You may think a proper alarm is expensive. But in my opinion, they are well worth it, for the peace of mind. I wouldn't be without one.

Ha, ha! That's sod's law that you have won a free garden security pack, after you have already bought and installed one yourself! At least you can be super secure in your garden now and relax at night. I'm sure that now it is May you have been busy with seeds that are now showing and hopefully all that nasty business is behind you. Well done for continuing and fighting back.Yeah!


Winning a gardening security set is painfully ironic Lucy.  So sorry to hear about your break in.  In my experience, the thieving scumbags of this world will take anything, whether they really want it or not.  Last year someone actually lifted a load of newly planted hedging from outside our property!  Claiming on the insurance would only have pushed up our premium, so we had to fork out again.  We have security cameras all over the house and garden, and now have them up outside the house, in case these low lifes try it again.  I'd love to catch these people, wouldn't you!   Good for you, re picking yourself up and re-seeding.  Hope you've got some helpful friends and neighbours.


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