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I have been given a bag of powdered seaweed.

Any suggestions on how best to use it e.g. dilute in water or spread over ground.



Ron, I have only ever used the liquid concentrate, and that definitely needs diluting. 


If there are no instructions on the bag, I would scatter it in handfuls around plants that need a boost.  Not too much, mind!

Hi Ron,

I live at the seaside, so I can collect plenty of seaweed. I always put some in the compost bin and I dig some in the ground.  I suppose you can do the same with your powder... (It's very good for vegetables)


A silly question perhaps, but I've never used seaweed as a feed as I usually use  BF&B when planting into the ground and as a general feed in spring, and tomato feed for flowering/ fruiting plants and things in pots. Do you all find seaweed  better or is it just personal choice?

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