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Hi one of my plants had a trace of what seemed to be powdery mildew. I was searching online for some natural methods of control and these two seemed good. Has anyone used these before or recommend which one I should use?



hollie hock

I probably foolishly bought 2 white lupins at my market today which look as if they have powdery mildew on them. I have cut off the affected leaves and binned them.

Looking around tonight I have found this natural remedy-

Diluted whole milk with water - 6:1 ratio,spraying twice 2 days apart.

I have no idea if it works but on the forum that I found this advice they said it did.

I will give it ago, for me if it doesn't work I will bin the plants and grow from seed, which is what I was planning to do anyway.


Alina W

You will probably need to spray more than twice, with a fresh mixture each time. Also, skimmed milk doesn't seem to work.

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