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Hi, could anyone advise me please on what to do about powdery mildew on my courgette leaves. there are big white spots on some of them but a couple are covered all over the leaf. apart from that they look quite healthy and are starting to flower.I am growing them in large pots and feeding them with tomorite every two weeks.

Green Magpie

Mine usually get this eventually (although not yet this year). Once the plants are well established, it doesn't seem to do any harm. I just cut away the badly affected leaves and let the plant carry on. you could spray with some sort of fungicide if you feel the plant is vulnerable, but in my experience the courgettes are not afffected.

Thanks very much for the  advice, will try the milk.


I think it does affect the crop if you have to cut off many leaves.  The plant then struggles.  I too spray with a milk solution.  You have to spray almost daily, and try to spray underneath the leaves as well. I normally spray the healthy leaves and cut off the mildewed leaves.

Thank you - I was concerned whether it was ok to still eat the fruits as they have been fantastic up to now.  I will try the milk spray.


I have the same problem but am puzzled why milk can solve the problem. As I only drink fully skimmed milk, will the lack of natural fat in the milk still have the desired effect?


I've never tried the milk treatment ... I just make sure the soil around the courgette plants is always moist (not boggy).  

Courgettes and a lot of other plants seem to succumb to powdery mildew if they're too dry at the roots. 

Are you sure it's mildew? Some courgette varieties naturally have white spots on the leaves - easily mistaken for mildew. I think this is more likely at this time of year.

Many thanks everyone for responding to my query.

For the present time I will ensure the roots are kept moist.

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