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Jean Genie

I have powdery mildew on my sweetpeas and there are a lot of other plants nearby . I treated it with a fungicidal spray but then read of an alternative method using baking soda . Has anyone tried this and if so does it work ? I like the idea as I don't like using sprays etc . I also read that p. mildew hates water so would like to hear your comments or any other ideas on how to get rid of it.

Thanks , Jean.


Jean, a baking soda-based spray is commonly used against powdery mildew. Give it a try.


Jean - I used a milk and water spray on my Cues in the greenhouse and it did help

Pam x

Jean Genie

Thanks for your help - I shall try both methods .


ceris hughes

How much baking soda do you use?


Gardening Grandma

Apparently (I have no personal experience of this) you use 1 tablespoon of baking soda and half a teaspoon of washing up liquid to a gallon of water.

You should water the plants a day  or so ahead of spraying them with this and use caution (test a bit) as it can sometimes burn the leaves. Avoid doing it in bright sunlight. Apply to top and bottom of leaf.

you can also add 1 tablespoon of horticultural oil, which smothers the fungus.

I found this on (Gardening).

Pottie Pam

I've been spraying a clematis that was showing signs of powdery mildew. I've used milk and water and it really seems to be working.


how much milk do you use as I have mildew on my viola. Can you use cream??

these plants are outside in deeproot trainers 


Pottie Pam

I used about a tenth of milk to water but the clematis did succomb in the end. Perhaps I didn't start the treatment early enough. I think cream would be okay. I think it's the lactic acid in milk  that affects the mildew.

I've planted some viola this year but haven't for a few years as in the past they've been affected by some sort of virus that causes black spots on the leaves and they eventually died


I'm going to water my plants first and them tomorrow spray them 


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