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I'm new to veg growing as I've only had my allotment (organic site) for a year.  I pulled up my shallots and garlic today as the leaves were all yellow and dead, and discovered that they all had a powder on them and were damp looking, which I'm guessing is onion powdery mildew, but may be wrong.  I took them all off site to destroy.  Do I need to also pull up all the onions (Red Baron)  - nowhere near fully grown - growing adjacent to where the shallots were and destroy them, too, and what do I do about the carrots I planted beside the onions (to try to fool carrot fly)? 

All guidance appreciated : )

HI Busy-Lizzie

Thank you for the link.  No onion family planting for me for 5 years then! Fingers crossed carrot fly don't get the carrots : )


Don't think it's as bad as that. Plant them in a different spot - crop rotation.

I'll give it a go - maybe there was a problem with the same thing in that part of the plot before I got it last year as onions grew fine for me last year in their old spot : )

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