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15/03/2014 at 17:20

Straight up, I'm really quite new to gardening, but enjoying my weekend adventures as much as I can.

2 years back I moved into a New Build house, which the builders really kindly decided to help shift my top toil soil miles away from the house. I'm now having to buy it back via my local garden centre. grrrrrrr

I sit here on very heavy, generally wet, clay, so I have spent as much free time as I can digging out about a 3/4 spade deep to remove the clay. This wet winter, the water has hardly moved from the surface, so I feel good change of growing conditions was needed.

I need help from those more in know about reintroducing good soil back into those beds. I was thinking the following:

1) Break up as much of the remain clay at bottom (ie: loosen it up)
2) Throw in some grit and lime to help separate clay layer a bit
3) Good depth of compost with added John Innis (seems more gritty?? )
4) Add some bagged treated top soil.

Am I getting the right idea about giving the plants a chance?


15/03/2014 at 18:20
I've experienced a few new builds and know how little top soil you can get in the garden......just enough to keep the turf growing until the builders move off site. You might have to invest in a bulk buy of top soil to get things started then you can gradually improve the soil by adding home produced compost over the years and let the worms do the hard work for you. With clay sub soil you are always going to get a bit too much water in the winter.
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2 messages