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Not really sure this question is in the right forum but couldn't find a better one for it. Is there any way to watch previous series of the gardeners world tv programme? Is it sold anywhere or available to watch online? Would like to look back through the archive of information as I am new to gardening and only caught the back end of last years series. Thank you in advance if I don't get back to you.
Gardening Grandma

Hi, matt. If you go to the BBC website and the Gardeners' World page, there is now a button to click to see lots of old series of GW. I'll be joining you in watching them (not in your house, of course!)

Gardening Grandma

I just checked and many of them are just clips. Yet it says 'View previous episodes.' What a disappointment! Does it mean they will become available, I wonder? If not, the title is sadly misleading! I just opened an episode at random and there were about 14 minutes of clips. So - better than nothing, I suppose and they were useful clips.

There are lots of full gardening programmes on youtube though I haven't yet found full episodes of GW except Alan Titchmarsh's first 3 programmes in 1996.

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