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Does anyone know which creature - probably a bird - is nipping off the flowers on my primroses and scattering them about? I live in the country so there is quite a wide avian choice. Is it to get at nectar?

Sparrows have the reputation for that Posy. Might well be them as mine primroses are not attacked and I never see a sparrow


Mine are all nibbled as well, even the polyanthus coloured ones, but we never see a sparrow here so it must be a favourite of another bird as well.

hollie hock

My primoses remain in tact and there's a few sparrows, it's the crocus that I find nipped off here

Sparrows definately do the damge in our garden, They begin with yellow flowers and then move on to pink as a second choice but they also like blue

We have a bird feeder and enjoy seeing the birds so a downside to that.

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