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Lizzie-nothing has appeared

Sorry- I planted a privet hedge 4 yrs ago with little success- all plants grew but are still very spindly- any ideas?

Have you cut them back at all in those 4 years?

How tall are they now?

How tall do you want the hedge to be?


flowering rose

depending on the size of cutting it might take awhile,I grew one from a cutting from cam hill and still have it twenty years on,took time.

It's approx 4' tall which is ok- I've topped them every year hoping they'd bush out but no luck so far .

Odd-try giving it a good high nitrogen feed soon -growmore will do- or something similar- to give it a boost


I planted a whole row of these last winter, they have done nothing, if they don't pick up this year I am having them out and replacing with laurel, which I also planted a row at the same time and they have come on beautifully. Nothing to look at but makes a lovely hedge.

Will do - thankyou ????

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