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Please can anyone tell me which grass this is? It doesn't flower but seeds everywhere. It is red and but doesn't seem to flower. I did post a photo but it hasn't appeared. Help! how do I transfer from camera?


It can't form seed without flowering first. Grass flowers do not  have petals like daisies etc.

 If you transfer pic from camera to computer, then follow instuctions on the tree logo in tool bar above  the reply box.

Thanks for the info. Hopefully this is the photo of the grass I would like to be identified. I just want to know if it is going to be a trouble if I transplant it into a border?



This little plant seeds itself all over my garden, usually in gravel. It's not difficult to keep in check and the funny little red bunches of leaves are quite cheerful.


Thanks you for your help. I will attempt to put it in a damp border under a red acer and keep an eye on it. It looks like Uncinia rubra. The flowers are insignificant or as one site says nonexistant so I'm not sure how it seeds around!

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