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Last Autumn I laid a lawn under trees and in shadow a lot of the time, especially this time of year - I did research (badly as it happens) the kind of turf to lay.  I used the internet and was duped!

I discovered the turf had been grown on a plastic lace - which I did not discovered until too late to do anything about.  To be fair part of the lawn in OK sh and with care and a feed is not too bad and I can live with, but the largest area under the trees is now bare - no grass at all!  I've cut out the plastic and now want to 'seed' it - any suggestions from anyone as to what kind of seed and more to the point - when can I do it?


You can buy seed for shady areas. I would seed early autumn while still warm enough, but, hopefully, enough rain to keep it watered.

Thanks busy lizzie - any particular brand you can recommend?


Go for seed that is mainly poa annua (annual meadow grass) as it`s the most sturdy.

Thanks Fred

Useful advice - could I sow in September? I want to get it started before I go on my hols!



So long as it doesn't dry out when you are away. Look on the packets of seed in the Garden Centre for advice. I can't recommend as I live in France.

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