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What do you need a helping hand with? They look OK to me


This is only advertising, they want you to buy their plants


We have a saying here - maybe you have it too - about trying to run before you can walk.  You've obviously grown more seedlings than you have room to bring on and your  weather is too cold for you to put them outside.

You need to work out which plants are going to make you the most profit, and concentrate on those - sadly you may have to discard the plants you don't have room for.  When you've sold enough and saved enough you can build yourself another greenhouse.  I'm sorry but I don't think that anyone here will be able to contribute to your new greenhouse - many of us here have limited funds ourselves.

I wish you  luck. 


I belive that, but sometimes people have unused money sitting on paypal account - too few to buy something or withdraw, but it can help someone.

Btw, I'm offering cuttings from grapevines or black currant as reward. Grapevines are not crafted in here, they are mostly hybrids, but also very winterhardy up to -40C and some are very early. Black currant I offer is siberian, ripens in here eary July before other varieties. Sweet and big.

and about cold-It is coldest spring in here during 46 year long period.

Oakley Witch

Unused money? Not in this country just now lol. I dont mean to be cheeky so please dont take offence. I run my own business to and understand. All the best in your business Start up 

Oh.. I forgot to say that discarding is not a option - I can't.

I was every night awake when it was -25C or sometimes even -27C outside and every hour I went out and put another load of wood into furnace. And so one and half months. + electric heating(electricity bill was over 400eur more than usual). Because it was still pretty cold I had to cure them with fungicides, If it was cloudy outside then I had to give them more light, water and feed them. I slept maybe 4 hours per day and now discard? No! 

Imagine that you are waiting a baby and then in hospital you get twins. But you bought only one bed and can't buy right now a second. Are you then saying so: "Darling, choose one you like more and let's throw the other one to garbage bin!"?

I doubt you will say so...

After all that I must fight until the end!

Can i ask why you sowed so much if you did not have a selling market for them not good business planing good point is you will have plenty veg to eat and give your friends plus a lot of lovely flowers to sit and admire each day good luck.

I have market for them, but this year we have extremely long and cold spring. Usually marketing season begins from mid april, this year i bet mid may or a week earlier.

And so many because i need a big assortment. Every new possible customer will return if he or she can get something interesting from us and we have hundreds of varieties more.

And customer will not return to flowershop or nursery if he goes away with empty hands.

Oh.. forgot to mention...

if you can't support then at least you can share it on facebook or twitter. Maybe someone else can help us


Back to potting..

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