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       hi, im new here. Can someone help tell whats wrong with my plants?


Tell us more about them ... where in the world are you, what are your plants growing in, what sort of plants are they (I can only see one type of leaf there) and how have you been caring for them so far?

Im in az in the desert. Temps have been 70 in the day and mid 40s in the night they are growing in big pots. The potatos i have been caring for three months and eggplant five months est.

They are grown in organic potting soil.

And thank you dove from above. Nice to be meet you😊


It looks to me as if the leaves you're concerned about are the older ones which have been coping with some pretty high temperatures ... I wouldn't be concerned as long as the new young growth looks healthy ... plenty of water is important 


I dont think these plants have heat damage. The same strain of eggplant survived thoughout the summer where it got 120+degrees sometimes. it just didnt produce fruit. It been in the 60s and mid 70s, mild weather right now. Im concered about my eggplant since it been growing quite slowly. Producing flowers but not getting much bigger


What sort of compost are they in and what's the feeding regime?

I know finally have my first compost so they havent had compost yet but they get a slow released organic fertilizer half jobes half dr earth once a month. I testing my compost on seeds first before i give it to my plants. 

And the potato i gave it fertilizer when grew from potato eyes and and again when it started to show buds for flowers

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