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 I have a small Magnolia tree which I have been nursing since it was just a wee stick!  It is now about six years old and flowered this year for very first time.  I was so proud of my two lovely blooms.  However something has taken quiet a liking to my little tree and is just eating away at the leaves - I mean taking great big chucks out of them.  I thought it might be earwigs and have tried the upturned pot with straw - caught nothing.  I cannot see any larvae of any kind on the leaves and am at a loss to know what is eating my little tree.  Has anyone had any similar problems.  I would appreciate any help. 

Looks exactly like that.  Some leaves are totally eaten away.  My poor little tree looks miserable. Any suggestions on how to deal with them.

Thank you for that.  What awful little pests.  My magnolia is in a large tub.  Will do battle and see what happns.  Once again - thank you for your help.


Alina W

I will second the suggestion of Provado - it works well.

I'm not sure if it's active against the beetles, but the way to control those is to go out at night with a torch and pick them off.= - they can't fly.

If you do have so many attacking your tree, you will certainly have them laying eggs in your magnolia pot, so I would water it well with Provado as soon as it's dry enough to avoid losing it.

Will order Provado now and get treating as soon as possible.  Would hate to loose my wee magnolia now having waited so long for it to bloom.  Thank you again.

leaves almost stripped bare ,the older leaves are like lace,cannot see any activity,have just trimmed all the damaged leaves off,and cut back the damaged stems,and drenched with provado bug killer--heres hoping--by the way the neighbours next door remains completly untouched!!

Any signs of slime trails? Snails love magnolia and will climg quite high to eat the leaves. They also usually leave the leaf ribs on older leaves.


I'd go with snails - especially at this time of year for some reason

thank you --i will resume my attack from another direction,tried the earwig trap --nothong

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