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Hello everyone,

I bought some bamboo plants a month ago and it seems like they are not doing good (see photos). Can anybody tell me what may be wrong?  I water them 2-3 times a week, using regular compost and they are in a very sunny spot.

Thank you




They do go yellow now in spring as they produce new growth and it has been windy. I would keep them well watered and fed.


They are quite close together too and look a bit dry?  Bamboo likes water, and space, depending upon the type.  Indeed they are preparing to put out new leaves, give them time, they should recover. 

The compost should contain adequate food for the time being. Poke a finger into the soil and check its not dry below a knuckle's depth - only water if it is. You shouldnt need to water more than every 4/5 days - just give plenty when you do so it penetrates to good depth before evaporating off. You can drown a young plant as easily as dehydrate it, as it doesnt have enough root to suck up the water, so go steady. Its probably just the sun/wind combo drying out the foliage faster than the young roots can replace the water. If you can, place something to shade them a bit and wait and see whether they regrow over the next month or so.

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