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Hi everyone,

Now that it is mid-winter, I have brought my herbs into the greenhouse to keep them warmer. But, they all seem to of been affected by some sort of disease or virus. This problem has created white spots all over the leaves.

Plants that have been affected include:

  • Rosemary
  • Mint
  • and Lavender.

If anyone else has experienced these problems or similar problems please could you let me know. Alternatively, if anyone knows any good, effected treatments to these problems, then could you also please let me know.

Thank you


Emma Crawforth

Hello Andrew,

Without seeing your plants I couldn't be sure, but it sounds like thrips. Have a look at our advice on identifying and treating thrips at:

Thrips thrives in warm conditions and is a therefore a real problem in greenhouses and conservatories.

Emma. team


Thank you, was going to ask the same question.  Although mine aren't in a greenhouse they are out in the garden but the same plants have all been affected.  Hopefully I can save them! 

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