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Problem solving

Problems with newly planted topiary box hedge.

One plant seems to have went cooper brown in colour!?! Hi all, I have recently planted a few box plants in a small row at the edge of my lawn. But seem to a problem with one plant. As mentioned above it has went brown in colour - a cooper tint. When I fir

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Ah David ....That is very true : ) and that is what I shall do - take cuttings and keep.

Thats good to know that they take root nice and easy and as I can see above good results occur, good work!

Is this the standards I've to meet or..... even beat

Cheers for now. (ps got some "Growmore"yesterday).

David K wrote (see)

Paul - no need to ever buy box plants again, once you have a few. When you trim them, you can use the trimmings for cuttings....they take root really well.

Congratulations on growing such a magnificent box ball from a cutting.  Can you please indicate whether this is from one box cutting or did you plant a few small ones together in the pot and then shaped the ball as they grew and how long did it take for it to grow to the size of the one in your picture.  I too have grown some box plants from cuttings but they take quite a long time, a few years in fact to become large enough to shape into topiary.  Thanks.

Thanks for explaining David K.  When you realize the patience gardners need to grow species plants like yours you can understand why the garden centres and florists charge so much for their fully grown topiary box plants. 

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