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Problem solving

Problems with newly planted topiary box hedge.

One plant seems to have went cooper brown in colour!?! Hi all, I have recently planted a few box plants in a small row at the edge of my lawn. But seem to a problem with one plant. As mentioned above it has went brown in colour - a cooper tint. When I fir

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If anyone has a small box hedge - could they just give me some tips for it please.


The one with discoloured leaves is dying, I think, so pull it out.  Perhaps it did not get enough water at one stage?  Easy enough to take a few cuttings from your fattest plant to replace it.  Make sure (haha in this weather) your newly planted hedge is watered well.

Hi David, I suppose im just looking for some general information from others that have box. How do they care and maintain them? etc... Dont know if you have box, do you? I have some in pots that are doing great, noticing knew growth quiet the thing...
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks again from a new, young, very keen gardner : )

Thats great!!! Thanks David. Well yes I do have some plants in pots which I will shape (HOPEFULLY) these have been trimmed as required. But I also have some in the ground which intend to make up a small hedge feature against the lawn. There is six plants in total here, in a space of about three feet. Five of these are growing just great, but one isnt looking too good. Now I bought these box plants from b&q there were about 10 in the pack haha! The one that currently isnt looking good has replaced one that wasnt good - in the same spot!?!

Ok, took note of that about the feeding - think i might start a regular feeding plan for them, every two weeks then.

Thanks for your help. finger x'd we get there!
Cheers, Paul


aaaaaaaaaah Does not sound good... ooooh! ok - I shall do that right now, and possibly get it dug out straight away!

I think you have hut it on the nail! By the look of those images I would say it is blight indeed... Thanks for your efforts.

By chance do you know anythng about Rhododendron's? I have started a new thread on that haha : )


GOOD WORK!!!  There should be a 'like' button... I have and egg basket shaped as a hen that the misses was given as a pressie - but now it has ended up in the garden 
- button of it cut out - in a put - with a box plant currently growing in it... Its had a few cuts and point in the right direction- but needing it to fill out some what..... I have a feeling that this is going to be a few years project, ha!  Not to worry.

Here below; Is the newly planted box hedge (08/03/12). Plant on the far left (as you look at it) was the one that was given me problems..... No longer with us.


Thanks very much David! Yes, so ture, good little saying indeed....It's getting there now, new growth as occured of course so starting filling out and merge together : ). I judt love box. Don't know what it is, really - maybe its just what you can do with them - different shapes, such as yourself shaping a rabbit etc... If you were to buy that at a a garden centre it would be very pricey.. I would have to speak to the bank manager for a loan to buy one

ps> Sorry I did notice you had posted on my Rhodo thread and thanks for that. noted! I shall get a ph testing kit next time i am at the garden centre.... Suppose no need to panic at this stage - but will prepare for next season! Finger's crossed.