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I commented on hellotreacles thread about the overgrown garden a couple of weeks ago and artjak suggested that I put some before and after shots on here so here they are. BEFORE

After - three big conifers removed. Surrounding shrubs pruned back hard to let the light in. Masses of bindweed unwound and killed. Gravel layer on the surface and some new plants. Can't wait for all those snowdrops to emerge and the new plants to fill out next year.

Oops - one of the pictures didn't work.

Try again...

Here's another area that I have just done...


AFTER - removed lots of the conifer that was growing through the euonymous and generally cut back and re-shaped both. Removed bags full of ivy from under the shrubs. Discovered a patch of cyclamen hidden under the old crab tree on the right. Cut a border edge where the lack of light had killed off the grass and added some heucheras. More perennials going in there later behind the heucheras but I can't decide which. Too many lovely plants to choose from!


Daryl2, that is a really lovely garden now, I hope you've given yourself a pat on the back

Victoria Sponge

Wow- well done

What is in the little circle of stones near the cyclamen, seedlings?




Both sites look reborn. I expect you feel you can breathe again.

Well done Daryl, it's so nice to be able to look back and see what you've accomplished. A virtual pat on the back is on its way.

Thank you, Artjak and Pauline.I smile every time I look out of the window.

Yes, birdy, re-born is exactly the right answer. The house had been neglected before we moved in as there was a very elderly lady here and it has been a wonderful experience discovering what's hidden here. More to come I'm sure as we have not yet seen a winter here.

Victoria Sponge? How did you see the cyclamen and the stones? I didn't put them on here!

Daryl what a transformation bet you are so thrilled with results of all your hard work Thanks for showing us.


Brilliant work Daryl 

So satisfying when you start transforming something neglected, and although you will put your stamp on it - as you already have - I bet the old lady that lived there would be delighted that someone was taking over and caring for a garden that was obviously well loved. I know I would be. 

We have a thread called Garden Gallery for all the pix of our plots, so put some photos on there too as most people regularly look in there. Always nice to see the efforts of some hard work!

Victoria Sponge
Daryl2 wrote (see)

Victoria Sponge? How did you see the cyclamen and the stones? I didn't put them on here!


'Cos I'm amazing 

I enlarged a photo and it took me to your gallery where I nosed through them all. Now I feel like I've been caught poking through your cupboards

Oh dear. I must check the settings then because that isn't supposed to happen. When I enlarge them it didn't take me anywhere even though they are my photos. How strange!

In your amazingness, do you know how to send PMs on this forum as well?

At the very top right of the page your name will be there, with a little menu; click on that and follow instructions. You must get the recipient's name right and click on 'check name'.


Victoria - it could be worse -it could be his drawers...

Dordogne Damsel

Looks lovely Daryl, lots of hard work involved I am sure but so very satisfying at the end. Nice to see other people's gardens too, always inspiring. Thanks.  


Victoria Sponge
Fairygirl wrote (see)

Victoria - it could be worse -it could be his drawers...

I deliberately said cupboards

It is only garden photos Daryl that you have put on photo bucket. I don't use those sites so I'm not sure how they work...

Edit: Oh, in addition to the above way of messaging you can also click on someones name and then 'message me' if their settings allow it.

Or in my case, no HIS drawers but HERS. I'm a rare female Daryl

Thanks for the PM info, too. I did use it once but didn't get a reply so I assumed it wasn't working. Now that I've looked again I found a reply. No idea how long it's been there. Never mind, I'll get the hang of it all eventually

Thanks for the nice comments everyone.

Oops - sorry Daryl...


Daryl - just stumbled across this thread and love what you are doing.  No wonder you smile when you look out the window

No problem FairyGirl - I'm very used to it !