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My 25 year old jasmine officinale grows against a wall (part of a garage) which my neighbour is knocking down and replacing with a garden studio made of wood.  Whilst the new building is being erected I would like the jasmine to survive.  How severely can I prune it before the wall is knocked down and is there anything I should be aware of when pruning it.  

Once the new structure is up what structure do you recommend that I should use against the  new garden studio so that it does not damage the new wall.  With many thanks


Hiya Pepper

You can prune this drastically back....something I have done to rejuvenate it.  I would prune back to sturdy self standing framework or hard back and lean it away from the wall until rebuilt.  

I would use galvanised wires and screw in eyes.  are you allowed to do that to the new  wall?  You won't need more than 3 or 4 wires.

After attaching to framework I would apply a generous granular feed.  


Totally agree with Verdun 

If your neighbour doesn't want you to put screw in eyes and wires on the new wall, then I'd put up a couple of posts and a trellis panel a few inches your side of the boundary, a bit like this 

 but maybe not as big 

Dove, dove dove.  That's far too small.  Pepper's wall is a lot bigger than 4cm....doh!   You will need hundreds of those.   


You are quick and very helpful. Could I prune it back to as much as two feet from the ground.

On the existing wall I used galvanised wires and screws which worked extremely well.  Now that the replacement wall is wood the neighbour may not be keen on that approach so the trellis option looks the best best.  Are there any particular suppliers for  trellis that you would recommend.  

With many thanks

Hiya pepper

Yes you can prune it that much

Oh, I assumed a new in concrete.  

 Best to go to b & q, etc.  and just see what style you like. Maybe you could have a word with your neighbour and see if a lightweight galvanised wire set up would be acceptable...?

Dear Verdun,

Many thanks for your input and I will check out b&q when the time comes.

This is the first time I have used the gardeners world forum and I found it a very positive experience and enjoyed the humour.  Thank you to all those who input.



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