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i need help quickly. i have a conifer hedge that is now 30 foot tall, (about 20 years old) and needing to be cut by at least a third. will this kill the trees?????


no jac it wont kill them take what you want off the top and just trim all the sides so they wont go brown good luck hope you have a high ladder.

What conifers are they? Leylandii? If so agree with chica
Chica you look very young there in your picture.
the tidy gardener

nothing kills conifers in my experience!lop as much as you can off the top first then the sides.but make sure you put long sleeves on,i did mine a few years ago and had an itchy rash!nice smell tho.


thank u vedun its surprising what home grown veg can do 



These are probably Lleylandii.  They are best removed.  Get someone with a stump grinder to get rid of the roots, and replant a mixed hedge that will supply your local wildlife with a habitat.   I allowed ONE of these trees to grow too big, and this spring, the branches began to snap and cause a danger.  The tree has now been demolished, but the trunk has been left to about five feet, so that a bird table - platform , can be positioned on the remaining stump, to enable a feeding/watering platform for birds.  In my experience, these trees do NOT rejuvinate, and look ugly and brown when chopped hard!  Cut into the dead wood - and they`ve had it !

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