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Jean Genie

I've had to repot my sambucus as the pot it was in was broken by workmen and in doing so , I noticed some stems had also been damaged due to the accident.

It now looks rather lob-sided so I was wondering if I could give it a small prune now just to even it out or would I be better leaving it until Spring which is when it really should be pruned ?

Thanks in advance,



I have the one with the black leaves, it gets pruned when I get round to it and hasn't complained yet. It's in the garden not in a pot. Don't know if that would make a difference.

I would leave it until spring, then prune as normal which should sort it out.  

Jean Genie

Ok , thanks Nut and Susy. Think I'll leave it until Spring. Guess I can live with it being lob-sided.This one is black lace , looks a little like an acer. I bought another last Spring - black beauty. I'm quite taken with them. 

Love to have them in our garden but I haven't got the room  so that's why they are in pots - I can restrict the size


I have a Sambucus Black Lace. I normally prune it quite hard in March and it grows like mad as soon as the weather warms up. But one year I pruned it in autumn and it didn't seem to make any difference. The only year it didn't grow well was last year when we had a drought in spring and early summer (in Dordogne) and I forgot to water it (but we did have water restrictions).

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