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When do you prune forsythia and how far back can you take it? We have just moved to a new house and the shrub boarder is out of control, taking up almost 8ft all around the garden. I don't want to kill the forsythia but we have 4 huge ones and would like to shrink them ddown thank you


You prune them straight after they have flowered. They can be pruned fairly hard. I use a hedge cutter.


They are in full bloom now. I will have at them when they finish. Thank you

For me, I prune flowered stems only.

Prune back to where new shoots can be seen.

Flowers for next year are made on growth made this year.  It is important that 

Pruning is not soon as flowers are over prune then.  The sooner this is done the more ripened wood to flower is formed

Sorry to disagree with above but to,keep forsythia as a flowering and not just a leafy plant it needs correct pruning.  My pruning has already been done


Thank you for all of your advice 

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