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I have a Kilmarnock Willow tree and would like some advice on when I should prune it and how to prune it. 


After it's finished with it's catkins and flowers Caffeine Addict. 

Some people just cut every branch back to the same point, but it can look a bit like a rather unattractive umbrella. You can prune each branch in a more random way instead, to get a more natural look, and I personally think they look best if you don't take too much off. Hope that helps 

Thanks for the advice Fairygirl, I will try pruning to give it a natural look.

I have this to do for a friend soon....after flowerimg

I will go under the canopy and remove one or two lower branches to create a skirt. Then spur prune some branches, remove alternate ones and shorten some again to downward pointing shoots to emphasise the skirt and umbrella shape.  Right now it's fast looking like any other garden shrub instead of a "floating"  cascading one.  


At the risk of upsetting people, I would prune it with a spade - dig it up and bin it.  Desperately dull little trees with a short life span and no redeeming features.  I was given one and was only two pleased when it turned up its toes one very hard winter.



Its a pleasing plant if kept light n airy at catkin time


Which lasts about 10 minutes and then it's ugly for 11 months and 4 weeks.

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