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My pumpkins don't look well and I haven't a foggy what could be the problem so looking for advice. I water most evenings and use a tomato plant feed once a week.





I wonder if it could be mosaic virus, you may have to look it up, im also not sure if there is any remedy for it sorry, your fruits look well on the way though, so you may still get a crop

Hope im wrong

Thanks bekkie I have a read. Hope it copes ok, just seems to be losing condition more rapidly this week

You could be right bekkie but this seems to have only occurred over the past three weeks, prior to this the plant was healthy. I'm gathering with the mosaic virus the plant grows into that odd shape with the leaves that I have seen with other images. Worried I'll lose the crop on that individual plant as the fruit has yellowed and I've others that are bigger and and still green.

I lack any experience though so I could be wrong and this is mosaic virus.


If the weather has been hot and dry in your area recently, another possibility is spider mite.  Look at the back of the leaves with a magnifying glass in order to see them.  Cobwebs at the growing tips are another sign but are not always present.


More of a question to the experts on here, would bordoux mixture help DecsTobs pumpkins?
There is a thread about powdery and downy mildew, have a look at the link posted by fleurisa, your plants may just have a bad case of this as some of the pics look similar

Thanks again Bekkie, You might be spot on with that there. It started when conditions were dry and i was watering in evenings which apparently doesn't help with the problem. Might be too late but I'll see if i can get a fungicide tomorrow and let you know if it is mildew. 

They all get mildew in the end, but ive never seen a bad case so didnt recognise it sorry

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