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John Harding

Cardboard cut-out of a Peregrine Falcon positioned above the area will stop it. Only needs to be the silhoette.

I think this thread is going to "run" a bit yet

Bottom line though is whose poo is if?  Maybe a country bumpkin!    ..I'll get my coat 

I keep pigeons off my veg, for a while at least, by hanging old CDs on thin fishing line so that they twirl around. The effect wears off, but it may be enough to break the habit.

I once tried putting a stuffed toy outside overnight but found a young fox had been playing with it.

Bits of tin foil on a string, like Christmas decorations, work for a while too.


Unfortunately most things only work for a short time.  I would have thought that the young pigeons will be old enough to fledge about now.

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