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Well, you've got everyone's attention - 26 viewings - but no text or even a photo. What a tease!


Thought exactly the same thing....


C'mon now Jonno - almost 50 people want to know about your puzzling poo


Actually Fg - I'm not sure I do!....



Fg why did you open the thred then? 


Sorry, have been waiting to see if Moderator replied to my failed post - suspect finger trouble and the finger being mine of course!

To satisfy those of you who are interested, (thank you very much), the Puzzling Poo has been appearing in my garden for the past 6 days.

These are some of the relevant facts so far:

1. Poo deposited in the same 1 metre square area under conifer hedge

2. Area is used regularly by pigeons pecking same bare patch

3. Poo always has what looks like white calcium deposit at one end

4. Does not have strong smell like cat or fox mess nor is it runny 

Hopefully someone will recognize the photos that I will now attempt to add to this post.

Can only upload 1 pic at a time so here is another "tasty looking" morsel.


At the risk of sounding "anally retentive"  how big is the jobbie?

Sorry, my OH has just explained that the object beside it is a battery. Gotcha.  i think it's a pheasant.

I will pass on this motion


Yep, peasant.............whoops pHeasant!



wow i had no idea a pheasant's poo was that big. I dont know when the change happened but i now spend my Friday nights looking at poo. maybe we could do this regularly and have a Friday night mystery poo thread. 

Yes, they are that big. And every winter I have about 20 of them sheltering in the garden to escape the guns on the hill behind the house. And you know what happens when an animal gets nervous...


Just to let all those interested Girls and Guys who have been commenting on the strangest thread above, after 6 days of repeat performances, this morning I watched (with my wife as witness), the culprit of the Poo.

I have to say almost sadly in a wierd way, it's a Wood Pigeon!

We wouldn't have thought it possible but we watched in amazement, as said perpetrator strutted slowly to the appointed spot, squatted, ruffled its body feathers and deposited yet another colourful, small dog sized Poo.

We noticed that it moved much more swiftly from the spot after the bowel movement and we can understand why.

Although somewhat relieved myself (not in the same way I add),that it is only a pigeon causing the mess, my issue now is how to change what is obviously part of this particular pigeon's daily ablutions.

I can hear some of you saying that's easy, lay in wait, aim, bang and Poo no more - but I don't really want to take such drastic action, so hopefully when it has finished nesting in our conifer hedge, it will choose another area for its morning movements. If not, then it may have to be pigeon pie unless someone has a guaranteed pigeon (non nuclear preferred), deterrent.



Could you not regard it as fertilizer for the hedge?  They are greedy feeders?