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Hi all, I really need some advice, a Muntjac recently destroyed all my roses. so through a tip from a friend I have being putting human hair around the bases, and seems to be working on the roses, today I've gone out and a few bulbs are eaten and specific plants, these are lower and can only assume are now the rabbits, but it may still be the deer?!! Has anyone got good advice for naturally repelling Rabbits and Deer?

Laura Corin

When we moved in and the garden was completely unfenced, the following seemed to have survived the rabbits and the ?roe? deer: box, rhododendron, rosemary, lavender, forsythia, broom, spurge, flowering currant, bearded iris, flowering currant, bear's britches, primula, muscari, thistles, lily of the valley, daffodils, eryngium, allium, spirea, honeysuckle, clematis, buddleia, heather...

As far as chasing them off: I've seen people using old CDs to frighten off deer, but I'm not sure how useful that would be in winter when they only turn up after dark.


The latest Ive heard is bars of soap either placed on a wall or hanging in bags on fence, so the deer can be detered by the scent dont know yet if it works.

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