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19/02/2014 at 20:13

I'm starting on the fence next week. The boundaries of the plot were marked out last weekend by the association and a friend has been roped into help. The sites not quite ready, I've still got a couple of brambles to dig out one side and a heap of stuff to burn at the top of the plot.

If the fence doesn't stop rabbits, may buy a couple of ferrets.

19/02/2014 at 21:17

When we first moved to our house, I built some raised beds on a 'farm yard' made with a couple of feet of iron ore.  To my horror, as soon as I put some flowers in the beds, the rabbits from our paddock behind came in and commenced dining.  So the next job was putting up a picket fence with netting across the holes, to prevent them coming in, but they didn't, despite the fact that if I stand at the bedroom window I can see lots of white tails bobbing about in the paddock.  Then we cleared an area to make a 'pitch' of playable grass, and then I built raised vegetable beds on the other side of the fence, and for the last two years have grown carrots, and salad, and other things that would tempt rabbits.  There is nothing to stop them just coming and taking, but so far they haven't.  My main theory is that because the pitch exists between the overgrown paddock and the vegetables, the rabbits dislike the 'exposure zone' they would have to cross (we have a lot of large birds of prey here).  Alternatively they might be put off by the cats next door have.  Or maybe they have just lost the way.  My dad remembered going out with his uncles and cousins in Suffolk in the 1920s and they could kill rabbits by throwing stones at them.  Perhaps this is an old country skill we should revive.

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21 to 22 of 22 messages