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Thanks for all the suggestions, my fav's are the wire and gattling gun but I'd add a couple of conning towers to complete the theme.

Actually my neighbour is a cracking shot and has dispatched quite a few over the years, along with the squirrels, but he's missed a couple this year.

I've heard that washing crystals under the soil is a trick but will try the chilli powder route. I've covered the remnants with strawberry mesh and hoping that the Verbascums grow back but they aren't romping away yet?



The rabbits have enjoyed all the pansies in my garden over the past week whilst I was away.  They've munched away at all sorts of other stuff too, and I still see them in the garden during the daytime.  One of my whippets caught one this morning - he didn't kill it - I had to do that - so that's one less to feed.  The dog's howling like mad right now - he can see two on the lawn and wants to get out there.  Trouble is that he'll make such a racket as soon as I open the back door to let him out that the rabbits will have made it to cover before he gets round the corner of the house to the part of the garden where they are at the moment.

Since the demise of my last semi-feral cat the rabbits have increased in numbers to a huge extent here, so if anyone's thinking of getting a JR terrier, I'd suggest a much better solution is to get a cat instead.  A cat would be out in the garden at all hours, whereas the dogs aren't!


We had a resident weasel at last house (semi rural). He saw off a fair few! 


There's an idea - a brace of ferrets!!! 

I love rabbits so  would never harm them. I am trying the chilli method see what happens.

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